About the Artist

Michelle-LizeMichelle-Lize van Wyk was born in 1974 and lives in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

She has a studio called BLUEPRINT and works there most mornings. Apart from being a painter, she loves helping people rediscover who they are through painting as well as hosting exhibitions where the story is just as important as the work.

“I’ve been wanting to paint since I can remember….At a certain stage of my life I did manage to paint here and there, but the frustration with what came out was huge. How was it possible that I could have such an urgency and passion to paint, without being able to express myself? To me nothing looked or felt right. Although I did not like what I did, some people did and here and there I got commissioned to do paintings for their homes.

I made a little bit of money, but the frustration in me just grew bigger and bigger. Still it did not feel right. I knew there was “something” huge inside of me that needed to be released, to be communicated, to make a difference, but I was in a prison called reason, fear, perfectionism, people pleasing…. the list goes on and on. Only a Father God, through His Son, Yeshua the Messiah and His Spirit could get me out of all the trouble I was in!

The plans He had for me, was so much more than I could ever have guessed! While I paint now He teaches me about His Word! Whereas I could never understand the Bible or saw any of it as relevant to my life, He made it alive to me and has given me the privilege to paint what I see and understand of Him. He has become the author and reason for everything I paint.

When I was still very small I sat in church one day and while the people where singing, I thought: “It could not be possible for God to be so boring!” And He proved me right!

My husband once came into the room while I was painting. I asked him what he thought of what I was doing and his words were: “IT IS EXCITING! I could not agree more. Getting to know the King of Kings is the most exciting journey one could be on… and that while doing what I love!"